Get Help With File Explorer in Windows 10

Get Help With File Explorer in Windows 10

Get Help With File Explorer in Windows 8

Get help with file explorer in windows 10 : Get Help With File Explorer in Windows 8/10. Windows Technical Preview or Windows 10 is outlined to be well suited with the hardware, peripheral devices attached to the system and software applications. Windows introduces a core element known as file explorer program or windows explorer that is getting better with time. also you get help with file explore in windows 8. and get help with file explore in windows 8.1. The file explore contains the user files or peripherals and the span where user are basically looking for settings. With the new perks, the user can easily open the file explorer in Windows 10 from start menu and easily get a shortcut on taskbar so please check full details in file explorer.  

Get Help With File Explorer in Windows 8

After seeing this eye catchy look, windows 10 also brings new and finer features of file explorer for windows lovers.

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a) Quick Access Area: This area is also known as “Bookmark” area for file explorer. The quick access is situated in the navigation pane and gives access to recently opened folders and “quicky” folders that the user manually place here to get quick access to those folders

Get Help  in quick access area With File Explorer in Windows 8.1

Beneath the quick access area new folders are introduced in windows 10 like, One Drive, Drop Box, and Microsoft’s cloud storage service and so on. The user can easily share files and folders from file explorer, just by selecting the share menu and then choose an application.

Get Help With File Explorer in Windows 10

b) Ribbon Tab Interface: This feature isn’t new for windows family, as it’s already introduced well in windows 8 and gets the popularity because it saves 90 percent of time complexity. The user can use this tab by clicking Home, Share or View menu. The area is visible by clicking the “down” button and then de-selecting “Minimize the Ribbon” option.

ribbon tab interface help in windows 8

The home tab contains the options that are available as keyboard shortcuts like cut, copy, save, paste and so on. The Share tab displays the functions to send files or folders to zip files, print, burn files to Disc, sharing on network etc. The View tab contains the access to enable or disable the navigation pane. The Layout bar contains different views for specific folder. 

File Explorer Windows 10 ALL Features

c) File Menu : The later versions of windows are designed with new file menus which contains handy tools for users. The file menu comes up with the new options like command prompt; window power shell prompt means the user take the advantages of both prompts on a single instance. on the other hand some are not aware of the  features of the new File ExploreThe menu gets the quick access options in frequent places, where the user use the “search option and change folder” to pin or unpin the folder.

file manu help in windows 8

d) Picture Tools : By default, some picture tools are hidden in windows 10 file explorer. To get the access to picture tools, open the folder that contains images, select one image and click on new yellow tab named as “Picture tools” on explorer available above the “Manage” ribbon. By clicking on the option the user can get grid of option like rotate right, rotate left, slide show, set as background and so on.

picture tools help in windows 8

e) Search Tools : The integrated part of windows is search option, just like all the internet browsers have. This search option in file explorer has limited search to the folder and is highly useful when the user have hundreds of files. In this the user can limit the search to files modified on specific date, file size, and file type and so on. get help in search tool with file explorer in windows 10

get help in search tool with file explorer in windows 8

f) Folder Option Window : For this option check on general tab then click on drop down box name open file explorer. Select the option This PC. Click OK to save results. To see the changes, open a new file explorer window and the new changes will appear automatically. get help in Folder Option Window  with file explorer in windows 10.

get help in Folder Option Window  with file explorer in windows 8

File Explorer Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

We have many Keyboard Shortcuts supported by Windows 10 File Explorer . But we dont have any list of them and we dont know all the Keyboard Shortcuts. but we have some small list for you guys reading and enjoy 🙂 some keyboard Shortcuts maybe you know 🙂

Most Useful Keywords available for file explorer are as shown below:
a) Windows key + E : Introduces new instance of File Explorer.
b) Alt + Shift + P: Display or hide Details Menu.
c) Alt + P: Display or hide the Preview Menu.
d) Ctrl + N: Open a new File Explorer.
e) Ctrl + E: Open the Search bar.
f) Ctrl + mouse roll up or down: Increase or Decrease the size of icons. 
g) Alt + left <- key: Revert back one folder in history.
h) Alt + up arrow key: Move up one folder in tree folder.
I) Ctrl + P : Print of page
j) Ctrl + v : Paste

k) Ctrl + C : Copy
l) Ctrl + X : Cut
m) Ctrl + z : Undo
n) Ctrl + Y : Redu
o) Fun Key +F2 : Rename the file
p) Fun key + F1how to get help in windows 10

The whole discussion concludes that technical users like such quicky interface to get quickly the most accessed folders and directories. Simultaneously, the quick access managed the files in a simplest way and power management users needs the current usage of their workstation such as network sharing information, drive formatting, disk space, time complexity, attached peripherals etc.we also have covered the common and major features and keyboard shortcuts introduced by Microsoft in File Explorer. 
Other than quick access the ribbon tab comes up with new shortcuts system properties view, mapping the network drive and so on. The live tiles are also populated; user can resize the Start menu, a skinny skyscraper to massive live tile on desktop. so share with your friends and stay tuned with great and latest articles and keep getting help for your windows 10 in future.

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