A Practical Guide To Employment Based Immigrant Visa

Employment-Based Immigrant Visas (EBIV) unlock professional growth. Explore categories, ace the interview, and explore U.S. possibilities. Your career begins here!

A Practical Guide To Employment Based Immigrant Visa


Employment-Based Immigrant Visas (EBIV) help people find jobs in the U.S. and strengthen the economy. This article covers EBIV categories such as EB-1 for priority workers, EB-2 for professionals, and EB-3 for skilled and unskilled labours. Beyond individual objectives, employment-based immigration improves the economy. EBIV fulfils ambitions and boosts innovation and prosperity by recruiting varied talent, demonstrating the symbiotic link between opportunity seekers and the U.S. as a place of professional progress and economic vigor.

Employment-Based Immigrant Visa Types

A Practical Guide To Employment Based Immigrant Visa

EB-1 Priority Workers

  • Extraordinary Ability Criteria:

EB-1 is for talented people in science, arts, education, business, and sports. Achievements and recognition demonstrate national or worldwide renown.

  • World-class professors and researchers, multinational managers:

This subcategory includes intellectuals, researchers, and top managers. Applicants must demonstrate their worldwide effect on academics or industry.

A Practical Guide To Employment Based Immigrant Visa

EB-2: Highly Skilled Professionals

  • Eligibility Criteria:

EB-2 targets advanced degree holders or top performers. Eligibility requires academic or professional achievement.

  • Option: National Interest Waiver

The National Interest Waiver allows anyone to circumvent labour certification if their employment benefits the U.S.

EB-3: Experts, Professionals, Others

  • Professional and skilled worker qualifications:

Skilled workers and professionals need U.S. employer employment offers for EB-3. Skilled workers have two years of experience or training.

  • Special Provisions for Unskilled Workers:

EB-3 accepts unskilled workers with particular conditions. Job offers are essential, but unskilled workers help businesses with labour shortages, guaranteeing employment-based immigration inclusion.

Employment-Based Visa Application Process:

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